Saturday, November 4, 2017

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The Fear of Writing

People in the pursuit of making money from an online business model are generally too busy to sit and write about their projects. This is the most important part of building an online presence. There is nothing more powerful than words on the web. Hiring Butch Hamilton to write content will be the best money spent in terms of generating traffic, interest and possibly making money from the business online.

Many years ago, I was conducting a webinar presentation concerning writing for the Internet. There were many people from around the world on the presentation and about half way into the session, there was a woman that said something that explains fear on the Internet to a tee. I was talking about placing your real name, your real information and being as real as possible on the web, so that people will trust you, who you are and what you do. She replied to my comments like this. "I am not putting my real name, nor my real information on the web, as someone might contact me!" I politely stopped the webinar and spoke direction to her and said to "put your computer back in the box, and ship it back to the factory! You will never achieve your goals in business on the web with that type of thinking!"

After interviewing many over the course of the years, it is quite evident that one thing stands very clear above all else. Most are afraid to write! It is an undeniable fact. They are either too afraid, too shy to really tell anyone how they feel, or they are too intimidated by the fact that someone, somewhere on the great world wide web will find out just how unintelligent they really are. Therefore, they go about their daily routines of finding content on the web, copy and pasting it, and making themselves look good. Article scraping, article spinning, article copying and pasting is NOT good journalism! It is blatant stealing, lying and cheating, and by the way, something that they great Internet is well known for. There seriously are more criminals and beggars on the Internet in 2017 trying to lift hard earned money from unsuspecting so called good people, that the statistics are literally staggering. I find my content in all sorts of places on the web; however, its ok with me to find that as I know my writing style, and I know how many people have actually succeeded online with my content! It is not a good thing that I was not PAID for my talent, but that is the way the story goes. Everyone on the world wide web is looking for something free, and will stop at nothing to find exactly what they need, and when they need it, and pay nothing for it. I have worked for many just like that in the last few months. They come in, expect me to promote their special talents, and plan to pay nothing at all, and have not! Well, too bad. Those days are over for me folks. You want my writing? You want my special talent? Then you will be paying for it up front, before one word is written for you or your company!

Why Is Writing So Scary?

I have thought much about the subject of writing as this is how I have spent much time over the years in learning, honing and being able to convey my thoughts and ideas in a legible and readable fashion. Writing is so scary to people as they do not want others to find out about the REAL them! The Internet is the perfect place to hide. One can literally be or not be, anyone they choose. You could be a beggar in the streets of Bangladesh, and you could go to the local coffee house, steal their WIFI for a few hours, and use your stolen laptop to come and tell people how successful, beautiful, rich and special that you really are! The fact of lying on the Internet is something that affects us all, and there is really no way to tell who is real, or who is not. Its a crap shoot, each and every time that one decided to spend their hard earned money from some Indian programmers, because they just happen to have a new and better way to advertise and build websites! There is no better way that sitting down, writing the content, designing a good, crisp and clean site, with excellent content, and putting it live on Google. Its about time to take back the Internet from the liars, scammers, cheats and hackers on the web! There are real people, just like me, that are trying to earn an honest dollar by providing good services like original writing to customers and clients. The bad guys just make it that much harder for people like me to make money online!

Pay Butch Hamilton to Write for You!

One of the best ways to see that your site, that your online business interest, and your most cherished of dreams at least has a chance of succeeding on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and the other major search engines of the web. Hiring Butch Hamilton gives you the special edge that you need, whether your ego tells you or not, to get your information where the people will find it that are searching for the particular product or service that you happen to be working with at the time. Butch Hamilton will put that information for you, in the right location, with the right words, that will draw interest, readers, prospects and others to your particular interests in the most professional way possible.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is not A way, it is THE way to marketing goods and services on the world wide web. Now Habib in India will cloud this issue with content talking about their exclusive PHP talents and their wonderful and captivating website designs. It is not about looks. It is about content on Google that is the ultimate deciding factor between success and failure. I once worked for a company that literally spent one million dollars to have a website built! It was one of the worst promoting entities on Google that I have ever seen!

Good Content on Websites = Good Positions on Google = Good Chances of Being Seen!

The essence of marketing online is from the statement made above! There can be no doubt, no mystery and no software article spinner that can offer good original keyword specific content like Butch Hamilton provides each and every client. Its about time to turn loose of your hard earned money and pay someone who will do what they say they will do!

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